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ESSAONE is a B2B trading platform designed for small and medium-sized buyers to purchase toys and baby products in small quantities directly from chinese factories.It is an independent new platform under ESSA.CN.

On ESSAONE, you can directly cooperate with Chinese factories without going abroad and without intermediary, and quickly access the latest product series of all factories.

On ESSAONE, you can order as low as one carton and enjoy more profitable offers and lower factory EXW prices.

One more thing is important.ESSAONE assumes all customs clearance and delivers door to door! It is a cost-effective option of buyers for small-volume purchases!


We have nearly 60 different categories, with more than 2 million toys and baby products. And we work with more than 20,000 Chinese factories to provide you with better cooperation conditions in order to make your business more comfortable and easier.

You can enjoy——

1. Purchase directly from Chinese factories 

2. The minimum order quantity is one carton.

3. More profitable prices.

4. We assume all customs clearance and deliver door to door.

5. Online order & online tracking.